Jessica rides to success at the South West Pony Association (SWPA) Championships

by Jessica’s Mummy 🙂

Jessica and Lady have had a super and exciting weekend! They travelled to the David Broom Event Centre in Wales, on Thursday, to compete in the dressage at the South West Pony Association (SWPA) Championships.

Lady exceeded our expectation! She was very nervous on the Friday morning during morning stretch however once she had looked around in exercise (and accepted that the flags weren’t going to eat her!) She settled and took in her surroundings.

We knew the weekend would be a big ask from Lady (who is young and inexperienced) as there was a huge atmosphere with lights, flags (!) Hundreds of horses and people, the loud tannoy, generators and the list goes on, but she took it all in her stride and Jess rode her beautifully; the pair just flourished! Finally Saturday arrived …

Their Intro test was a great test – Jess felt it was a little tense and thus not quite as forward as we would have liked however, it was still a good test!

Then the music test came…. The music was super! They looked fabulous together. However, Lady was very spooky in the music test due to thinking the music box was going to eat her (!!) But Jess coped excellently and rode very well (acknowledged by the judge!) Once both test were done, we untacked, settled Lady and headed off for lunch (forgetting to find out the results) Once we did remember, we were absolutely delighted to see that Jess and Lady had WON both their classes (Intro B and Prelim Freestyle to Music) with 70+% in the Intro and 68+% in the Prelim Freestyle!

WOW – what an achievement for a weekend that was aimied as gaining experience (leading up to Quest Regions) and fun! Not only that, they had qualified for the evening performance (an honor to achieve and a moment in the spotlight!)  Again, a VERY big ask of Lady!

They went in, they were brilliant! Lady was a delight and really took it all in her stride – embrasing the lime light!

A super proud moment for us (Mummy and Daddy) and Jessica was super duper proud of Lady and herself – and quite rightfully so!

A fantastic 3 days away and wonderful memories made.

Jess wore her  Gorse X-Rider, riding boots for exercising Lady (as she finds them so comfortable!) And her wellies were a great addition for the wet grass in the mornings!! (Jess loves her wellies as they are warm and light)

I took full advantage of my coat (Lundy) and can honestly say it was an asset! It kept me toasty warm in the evenings and on Sunday when it rained, it kept me warm and dry!

Thank you very much Kanyon Outdoor for your support and FABULOUS products!

I am sure you will be as proud as we are.


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